A guardian is often needed to care for an incapacitated adult, whether that is a child with special needs who has reached the age of majority, an adult with mental health issues or a senior who has diminished mental capacity. A guardian is also often needed to manage the incapacitated adult’s finances and property when they no longer can.

Guardianship can be avoided in some cases by planning ahead for incapacity by executing a durable power of attorney and an advance medical directive. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to do this, making a court-ordered guardianship a necessity.

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The process for guardianship may take several months or more to complete. It involves petitions to the court, physical and psychological evaluations, court hearing, qualification before the Surrogate Court, periodic reports and accountings.

Families sometimes disagree over who should be in charge of an elderly or disabled family member and end up in court. Mr. Galdo is experienced in litigating contested guardianship actions. He can help you see that your loved one is protected and that an appropriate person is appointed by the court to care for them.

Furthermore, guardianship, once obtained, involves a high degree of trust, attention to detail and a lot of time. If you are an individual willing to take on such responsibilities, you certainly deserve the guidance of an experienced attorney who’s ready to assist you with meeting your statutory responsibilities.

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